Muskoka Real Estate 101

Shore Road Allowance with Jane Tideman

Understand your shore road allowance as it is a vital part of purchasing your waterfront property. Whether it be your residential home or cottage, it is important to be clear on the specifics of your SRA.

Muskoka Landscapes with Jane Tideman

Take note of the trees when you are looking at property in Muskoka. Do you know the difference between hardwood (Maple, Birch, Oak, Beech) and softwood (White Pine, Spruce, Balsam, Cedar) trees? I can help you identify the trees beneficial to a property’s landscape.

Muskoka’s Water Supply with Jane Tideman

Many things to consider when purchasing a waterfront property in Muskoka; one being the type of water supply. There are three main ways to acquire household water, drilled well, dug well or drawing from the lake. It is important to use a water filtration and purification system for your waterfront home. Water tests should be performed to ensure its quality.

Private vs Municipal Roads in Muskoka with Jane Tideman

Understand the difference between private and municipal road access for cottage country and waterfront properties in Muskoka.