About Jane Tideman

My work is… a part of who I am, and I embrace it. It’s all about communication. I don’t just sell or buy houses; I try to match people with an appropriate lifestyle choice and a good investment

What I Can Do

I am a proven top negotiator with a track record that speaks for itself, consistently over and over.

I pride myself on property diversification (waterfront or residential) and have an intimate knowledge of the unique characteristics found throughout Muskoka. Behind my friendly smile and warm demeanor, is razor-sharp knowledge of the Muskoka market. I am confident, intelligent, fiercely loyal, and hard working. -  all the traits you want in a real estate agent.

I am locally-focused and well connected, giving my clients a distinctive edge.

Best of All

Not only will your property search be swift and simple, your offers will be negotiated to the highest standards of the industry with your needs met, and, when the dust settles you’ll feel like you have also made a friend.

MUSKOKA MARKET IN 3 WORDS:  Ultimate lifestyle investment

Who Am I?

A long time resident and a cottager in both Huntsville and on Bella Lake. I am family focused, and have my priorities in order. I like to embrace all seasons with sports, and events. I am a skier, fisher, and photographer.  I am an active and interested member in both communities, enjoy entertaining and value my friendships. I am a passionate person, with an engaging style.

How Do I Balance My Personal Life?

My supportive family help keep me smiling, they are the pedestal in my life and that demands top organizational and impeccable time management skills. Everyday... I am gratified by my family, our health, living in Muskoka, and for my work.

Making your Muskoka dream a reality.

Connect With Jane

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