Selling Your Muskoka Home

How I sell your Muskoka Home – Today’s Real Estate Market

Every home owner wants the best price for their home and to achieve it in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience. How do you accomplish this? What is it going to take?  How do you get started?

The best way to accomplish your financial goals, is to establish a complete and effective marketing plan and to be in balance with current real estate market conditions.

My Services

Your selling strategy and your understanding of today’s real estate market in Muskoka, can begin as soon as you decide to work with me. I will guide you through the entire process, NOTHING WILL BE LEFT TO CHANCE.

An understanding of today’s home buyer:

Buyers mostly start their house search on the internet, and from their living room. This means that your selling plan is critical to your success, and that you must equally be prepared and competitive.

Marketing your home means more than putting up a for sale sign on the lawn and sticking an ad in the local paper. Today’s real estate market place has changed and is much more dynamic.

Best price… in the shortest amount of time!!

What To Expect

  • Conduct a seller interview to educate you on my services, the selling and valuation process, and determine your needs and wants.

  • Research, analyse, and prepare a written valuation of your property determining an estimate of value.

  • Present a listing presentation of my services.

  • Give you important current information on the local Muskoka market, its conditions, and trends.

  • Support and advice you on preparing your home for sale.

  • Negotiate, guide and advise you on purchase offers.

Making your Muskoka dream a reality.

Connect With Jane

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