Buying Your Muskoka Cottage

Helping a family purchasing a cottage is a deeply gratifying experience for me.

Here is why…….

I have an intimate understanding of cottage life and the desire to own a piece of it. My passion and value for our family cottage has been ingrained in me from a very early age.

For as long as I can remember on Friday evening my parents, brother and myself travelled from the city to our Muskoka cottage and returned Sunday evenings. There was no place else my family would rather be than in Muskoka.

It didn’t matter if it was bug season, a snow storm or Christmas eve, we went to our cottage. Tucked back on the lake, deep in the woods, we all embraced the Muskoka life style. From, smelt fishing in the spring,  regattas in the summer to snowmobling in the winter. You can travel all around the world, but the cottage experience is not found any where, like it is in Muskoka.

I believe it is the serenity, freshness, and vastness of this beautiful landscape that drove my parents to make this weekly trek for 25 years with us.

Our cottage today is where my mother and father retired and has became their full time residence. But, for my brother, our spouses and our five children, it remains the gathering place. Today, my cottage is my favourite place, and that of my brother’s.  It represents freedom, exploration, friends, families and for my family, a common goal, for a family to be all together.

It remains deeply appreciated and enjoyed, by my brother, his family, mine, and our parents. It is truly special to see our children virtually follow in our own footsteps of learning so many life skills. Knowing full well, we are shaping their inner souls, and the value of the mystique of Muskoka.

If I can help a family turn their dreams of owning a cottage into a reality, I will be able to feel deeply satisfied knowing that I have changed someone’s life by helping them find a property that they will be able to enjoy for years to come.

First Steps

You know why you want a cottage, now we need to zero in what you are looking for.

I will discuss with you factors such as:

  • whether you desire a cottage on a large or small lake –  community oriented,  more quiet

  • winterized or three season - road access is important

  • septic systems, foundations,  water supply – type of wells, heat lines

  • whether you are seeking southern exposure or eastern exposure

  • heat sources

As much as we like to discuss all the good things, unless you are completely experienced, it is imperative that you are guided around the numerous pitfalls that are not obvious. This truly requires a trained eye.

After initial conversations, your price range may start to determine a cottage location and its features.

First, we need to take a look at the market, and see what properties are currently available in your price range and that is comfortable for you.

This is where your wants and need are determined. As you contemplate the kind of cottage to buy, your strategy should be to find a cottage within your price range that fulfils all or most of your needs and as many of your wants as possible.

Here’s where I can save you time and money. With my knowledge of the market, intimate local network, negotiations skills, and my drive to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for, you will have the advantage when you choose to purchase a Muskoka cottage.

Making your Muskoka dream a reality.

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